Update February 2016

The Duori-Kuree Star of God Children's Centre as seen below was completed in the Fall of 2015 and already has 80 children who are being clothed, fed, and educated.  See our Newsletter for more information...

Update January 2015

Thank you and God bless all who donated to the Star of God Children's Centre and Outreach Projects in 2014.  Together we were able to do amazing things!  Please see our "Newsletter" section for the report details. 

This year we are planning to build another Star of God Children's Centre in a village called Duori, about 1 1/2 hours northwest of our centre in Wa.  This is where the borehole (well) is going to be drilled from the monies that Stephanie raised for the project.  Check out our "Projects" section and stay tuned for further updates ...

Stephanie has also been the leader in raising funds for the education of young girls who come to Sister Jane's Orphanage with their baby brothers or sisters.  By educating the young girls, we are able to keep them from being taken in marriage until they are finished with school.


Update November 2013 

 Projects: Outdoor Kitchen at SOGCC &           Renovations of Mothers Hostel at Jirapa Hospital

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your love and generosity in supporting people in the Upper West Region of Ghana, Africa, especially orphaned and vulnerable children at the Star of God Children's Centre and Outreach Projects.

Star of God Children's Centre is a very small operation with a huge impact in relieving the suffering of children in it's many forms.  With every penny of your donations going to support the children, together we have been able to provide:

*A stimulating, caring, safe, clean and nurturing environment for 80


  *Vitamins for over 200 children 

  *Uniforms for 164 children 

   *Daily meals for 80 children

  *Hats and sunglasses and shoes for 100 children

  *Clothing for over 200 children 

  *Educational materials and Toys for children in 4 villages: Wa, Jirapa, Guo & Degri

*Hospital beds and mattresses for the children's ward of Jirapa District Hospital 

  *Renovation of a Mother's Hostel for the families of children who are in hospital 

  *Medical equipment and medications for rural community health compounds

*Educational equipment, textbooks and scholarships for teachers and nurses

*Reading glasses for adults

  *Funding to construct a sheltered dining room for the children to eat their meals

May God bless you richly as you have blessed the lives of others.   Thank you for entrusting us with your donations.  You can be  assured that it has brought great joy to the people of Ghana who are so very grateful that you care about them.



Update October 18, 2012:

 Construction work is 100% complete!  The Ghana Education Service inspected the building and were very pleased with what they saw and gave immediate approval for the opening of the Centre.   

 On October 8, 2012, the Star of God Children's Centre opened it's doors to the first forty-four children who are registered to attend the centre. 

We praise God for  calling us as His children to love one another and then making it possible for us to do so in ways big and small. His hand can be seen in all that has happened this past year.

Thank you to Dr. Bacheyie for his inspiration and graciousness in inviting us to open our hearts to what God would have us do in Ghana and then guiding us all along the way; to Fr. Bennette for his excellent planning, supervision and management of resources for the project; to Matthew Song- Aabo for his distinction in overseeing the construction of the building and his fine attention to detail; to Bishop Paul Bemile for providing the land on which to build the Centre and for the entire SOGCC Management Team who had the vision to plan this project and make it come to life; to all the men who worked tirelessly to build the Centre from the ground up , who put their blood, sweat and tears into getting the project done in less than 10 months;and last but not least, to all the supporters who have given not only their finances but also their love,  encouragement and prayers to enable this project to come to fruition.   


"Let the beauty of the Lord be upon us and establish the work of our hands for us.  Ps. 90:17