Update April 2017

Update January 2017

We had planned to go back to Ghana in January 2017 but will have to postpone that until later in the year. Fr. Bennette, who is managing the centres for us and on whom we rely to help us while we’re there, will be in Rome as requested by his Bishop in January-June. He is going to take an intensive course about developing programs for the protection of children. What a timely blessing this is! Our little “Star of God” has greatly promoted the value and worth of children and has sparked new thinking in the Upper West Region of Ghana about what we can do to provide for the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs of children.

Let us rejoice to be a part of this! It is very exciting to see the changes happening as God is multiplying our joyful giving!!!  We hope this good news fills your heart and encourages you in your walk of faith.

On a sad note, we would like to honour two lovely women who have passed away this past year and who were an important part of this ministry: 

Colette Quinlan, who made beautiful dresses for the little girls and 

Pat Voligny who made lovely knitted hats for the children. 

We appreciate their love and support and provision for the children and they will be truly missed.  

 Newsletter: February 2016

Our latest newsletter has been mailed out to all our supporters so look forward to seeing the news soon!  You can also view it in our Photo Gallery....

 Newsletter: July 2015

                 120 CHILDREN IN THE DUORI REGION


We will be mailing out our latest newsletter in July 2015

Highlights include:

  • New building in progress for a second Star of God Children's Centre in Duori
  • Start of Adult Bible Literacy Program in Wa 
  • Education Program for young orphaned girls who are "mothers" to their younger siblings in Nakwabi
  • Drilling of a bore hole (well) in Duori
  • Adding a new PayPal option for donors (see "Contact Information")

    WE GREATLY NEED YOUR HELP to continue to serve these          
    children and to provide for their basic needs as we bring them the
    news of God's love for them and show His love in practical ways..  
Please consider a generous donation today
that will truly save lives!
Thank you and God bless you!                                         

Fred & Elyse  

Newsletter:   December 2014

We have just recently returned from Ghana and want to share with you what an amazing trip we had.  Many of you have blessed us and those we serve through your very generous support for the Star of God Children's Centre and Outreach Projects. 

We were also blessed to have a nurse, Stephanie Mayville, with us this year which allowed us to do so much more with the children throughout the Upper West Region of Ghana.   Stephanie, with the help of many others, raised enough money to have a bore hole drilled for fresh, clean, life-giving water in the area where we will be building another centre.  

At our Star of God Children's Centre in the town of Wa, we had a week long Vacation Bible School where we taught the children about the 6 days of Creation, and they learned songs, coloured pages, ate snacks and engaged in activities.  The culmination was an activity day where we played games with the children and they each received a bright new T-shirt, a toy, stickers, and snacks.  While we were there, we dedicated the new dining hall where the children are served a hot meal every day thanks to our supporters!  Through their donations, uniforms are being made for all the vulnerable children at the centre.  We were able to supply the Centre with educational books, paper, posters, crayons, markers, pens and pencils, chalk, scissors, tape, glue, cleaning materials, food, drinks, vitamins, and medications. 

In the village of Degri we were able to give each of the KG and Primary 1 girls a little dress and the boys a T-shirts and shorts.  These new outfits will last each child for the year until we go back again next year.  Each of the older students in Primary 2-6 received a hat or a headband, a pen or a pencil.  The school was supplied with books. crayons, chalk and colouring papers.  The children know that the gifts were given to them by people in Canada & the U.S.A. who want them to know that God loves them and want them to remember His love each time they use the gift that was given to them.  The PTA chairman, a poor farmer, received a new shirt and sandals and was so grateful for the love shown to him and to the children of Degri.  As a gift of thanksgiving, he gave us a guinea fowl which would have fed his family that week.

In the village of Guo, each child in KG-1 received a new uniform and a treat; KG-2 and Primary 1 children all received a new set of clothes.  The parents were so happy, they began dancing and singing and rejoicing at the love that was shown to their children.  We took eyeglasses with us and were able to give a pair to each person who was in need.  The chief of the village gave us a goat in return.  We felt saddened because we knew that we were giving out of our abundance but he was giving out of his need, as that goat would have been food for many people.


We visited several clinics and took them medications and medical supplies.  One such clinic was in the village of Duori and while we were there, we witnessed the birth of a baby (mother and baby survived miraculously).  The people of the village of Duori invited us to come to their church to celebrate Mass on Sunday.  What we saw tremendously increased our faith.  People walked several kilometres in the hot sun to attend mass, the church was only able to hold about half the people who came so the rest stood out in the sun with their ears to the open windows and doors in order to share in the celebration of mass.  When it came time for the offertory, it took 20 minutes for the all the people to dance and sing their way up to the altar to present their gifts, no matter how meagre - they truly sacrifice their last pennies in order to have something to give.  It is in this region that we are hoping to use the present church building and renovate it to be a children's centre while also helping the people by providing some building materials to construct an open air church building  where all can come in to worship.  

In the village of Nakwabi, we were able to visit Sister Jane and her 17 children whom she has rescued from sure death.  We were able to provide sleeping mats for all the children and caregivers (as they were sleeping on cement floors before), clothing for each child, food for the children and caregivers that will last for 6 months or more, formula and baby cereal for the infants, medicine, vitamins, hats, and shoes.  

In the town of Jirapa, we were able to bring hats and monetary support for the children and caregivers at the St. Joseph's orphanage where the nuns and other women in the community care for babies and children who were orphaned at birth. 

Everyone who contributed in ways big and small has made it possible for us to share God's love with His children, the least of His little ones.  So as you know, Jesus said when we do it for them (the children), we do it for Him.  We are so grateful  for our partners and we give Jesus our deepest gratitude and highest praise for all He has done and continues to do for us all.


Have a very merry and blessed Christmas that is rich in what truly matters. 

Thank you Colette & Pat!